The Honourable Adrian Dix, M.L.A.
Minister of Health


Dear Minister,

I am a vaper, and I am strongly opposed to the regulatory proposals your government has put forward.

I am most concerned about possible bans on flavoured vaping products and restrictions on nicotine strength. I am writing to you today to give you my perspective, as a consumer, of the impact these kinds of reactive regulatory proposals would have in real life.

Let me begin with flavours. I know that as a smoker, flavours are an essential reason to make the switch to a vapour product. If all e-cigarettes tasted like cigarettes, I’d have no reason to switch. I also like my flavours because they give me the incentive to stay smoke-free.

As for nicotine, in my experience, most smokers who move to e-cigarettes start a certain nicotine level and, after a while, they begin to lower the strength of the nicotine they consume.

There are thousands of vapers in British Columbia who have turned to vaping products as a way to stop smoking or cut back. I hope that the Government of British Columbia takes the reality of how adult vapers use flavours and nicotine into consideration if it contemplates any limits to vaping products. Please do not ignore those of us who have made a responsible and informed choice. We will continue to make our voice loud and fight for our ability to choose a product that has saved our lives!

Yours sincerely,

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