Dear Candidates, 

We are only days away from Election Day 2021. Good luck to all of you. 

Rights4Vapers and the CDVQ have spent the last month visiting candidates’ offices across Quebec and Ontario. Our goal is to educate candidates on the consequences of restrictive vaping regulations, including the proposed flavour ban. 

Some of you listened. Others didn’t. Some of you opened your doors. Others kept them locked. 

We know that vaping is controversial. But it doesn’t have to be. We can protect kids and give adults an alternative to smoking. We can embrace tobacco harm reduction as a nation. We can start by understanding the facts. 

  • Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.
  • Vaping has helped millions of smokers around the world quit.
  • Vaping can help reduce smoking rates in Canada.
  • Vaping flavours is not the problem. 
  • Vaping will save lives if elected representatives are courageous enough to act on the science. 

If you do one thing before the election, we ask you to watch this video. It’s not long – just under eight minutes. Make yourself a coffee and watch. 

If the voters of your riding elect you as their representative on Monday, we ask that you remember this video and work to make Canada a leader in tobacco harm reduction by embracing the power of vaping. 

Thank you!

The 1,250,000 vapers of Canada