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When University of Waterloo professor David Hammond first shared preliminary results of his teen vaping and smoking study with Health Canada and the media in late 2018, he did so with the “hope” that his findings were just a “blip”; a sentiment he expressed at the time, and again in June 2019 when the study was finally published in the British Medical Journal.

What Professor Hammond and those he selectively shared the data with knew was that the study found a massive increase in the prevalence of teen vaping and smoking (among 16 to 19-year olds) from 2017 to 2018.

The sneak peek Hammond afforded Health Canada provided the regulator enough justification to launch a series of public consultations that are likely to end with new regulations, which may restrict adult access and choice of vaping products, in order to stem the so-called ‘epidemic’ of teen vaping.

In this special edition of RegWatch Dr. Chris Lalonde, professor of psychology at the University of Victoria, joins in an examination of the now public results, of what has become, a controversial study.

Does the study’s reported 45% increase in teen smoking square with newly released data by Statistics Canada (also in June 2019) that shows daily teen smoking is statistically near undetectable?

Is the study’s reported 74% increase in teen vaping based on relevant measures?

Find out — Only on RegWatch by

These ex-smokers used flavours to help them quit. Listen to their stories!


5 years smoke-free!

Mark started smoking around the age 14. He smoked upwards of a pack a day. Mark found a vape shop in 2014 and that was the last day he touched a cigarette.


vaping helped him quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes starting at 13, David made the switch to vaping at the age of 44. He found a flavour he liked, Tobacco to be exact, and that helped him successfully quit smoking. 


down from a pack a day, vaping helped him go smoke-free!

Thomas started smoking at 9 years old and was smoking a pack a day by 15. When Thomas hit the age of 35, he realized that smoking was killing him. He tried conventional methods such as nicotine gum and “The Patch”, but the only thing that aided him in quitting was vaping.


vaping saved his life

Joseph smoked 2 packs a day before he was involved in an incident that punctured his right lung. Refusing to quit smoking, he started coughing up blood. He found vaping and used a grape flavour to help him quit for good.

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