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So many people have taken the time to write to us over the past few months and we wanted to share their stories and testimonials about vaping! Getting our voices heard and speaking up and speaking out about vaping can help save an industry that is critical to the lives of millions of Canadians. Here’s what these people have to say.

I smoked for 38 years. I tried everything to quit along with my husband. My doctor researched vaping and told my husband and I to try it to cut down. We left his office, went to a specialty vape shop talked to them. They discussed with us about vaping, e-liquid, proper safety procedures etc… We got our vapes and e-liquid, walked out and never touched a cigarette again! We have been cigarette free for 4 years and are constantly bringing out nicotine level down. August 14th was our quit smoking/start vaping anniversary Both my mother and grandmother had lung cancer, I was heading on the same path, vaping saved me. My lungs are clear! I haven’t been sick in 4 years like I was when I smoked. If my doctor can take the time to research and recommend it to smokers wanting to quit, maybe the government should too. 



I am 74 years of age. Been through a lot in my lifetime, especially with trying to quit smoking products. Started smoking at 12 back in Ireland. Had my last cigarette in November 2010, 12 years ago. Got to a point in my life where climbing a staircase was a chore. In a nutshell life was bad. Fast forward to today. I’m walking 18 holes of golf 3 days a week. Working to make other people’s lives a better place, helping them with drug and alcohol addiction. My lung capacity is at 94%. After my last annual checkup my doctor commended me on my health improvement in the last few years. He is amazed at the quality of life I have been living since I started VAPING. 

Vaping saved me from a terrible death, gave me my life back. Please talk to people who’s lives have been changed after finding a real alternative to tobacco smoking.

I know at least 30-40 people in my circle of friends and acquaintances who have stories such as mine, Vaping gave them a new lease on life.

In our discussions we love to see young people Vape, it’s a much better choice than smoking cigarettes.

Thank you, Brendan, in Kelowna 

Katelyn Ourednik Testimonial Rights 4 Vapers

Fighting for Vapers’ Rights is incredibly important to me. I am devastated by the federal governments intent to abandon so may Canadian’s; not only smoker’s trying to quit, but the business owners whose livelihoods will be destroyed because of this. If there is any way I could help/support this cause I would like to volunteer my help.



Flavours in Vaping keep people that use this harm reduction tool away from the cigarette. Your health Canada department has made a tragic choice in our history and even their own documents suggest that thousands of Canadians are going to go back to the cigarette and eventually die a very painful death. Please stop this from happening. The department is making this choice to stop youth from vaping and yet not one recommendation in their document suggested raising the National age of vaping to 21. This would be the best way to stop youth from getting access as no 21 year old is going to have friends in high school. In the prairies 18 is the age of vaping is allowed and yes 18 year olds are allowed to buy vape product and will for their friends. The very fact that no recommendation was ever considered shows a bias towards getting rid of flavours for a completely unknown reason but has nothing to do with age and more about money. I am afraid that our government has traded in lives for tax revenue from the cigarette and possibly percentages of sales on some compensary arrangement made with cigarette companies in the past. 


1.6 million Canadians vape. Many in your riding and if you think they are going to vote for a government that would get rid of flavours in vaping resulting in their suffering and their family and children as second and third hand stench of the cigarette invades their lives once again. 


Your young, do you have enough courage to stand up and fight for what is just. Or are you going to be a follower and say nothing. If you choice to fight, science and history has your back. 


Please do some research and take a look at what Health Canada is doing as it is criminal in nature and must be stopped. 1.6 million vape and they know at least 3 people that will be directly effected by this so called law. That’s 4.8 million Canadians being poisoned with the cigarette as people that vape go back to smoking. 




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