Vaping To Quit Smoking


These ex-smokers used Vaping to help them quit.

Listen to their stories!




I am 54 years old and started smoking cigarettes when I was 15 years old. After seeing my doctor I was told that I am wheezing a lot so my doctor advised me that I need to give up smoking. I tried numerous times to quit cold turkey and also by trying the Nicorette gum and patches and neither worked. I was suffering from withdraw from not smoking. I was also very cranky and eating and snacking like crazy. I started vaping 2 years ago and I have not touched a cigarette since. My crankiness went away and I am not over eating or snacking. I no longer have wheezing and coughing issues. I vape when I get a craving and then it goes away. So much better than smoking cigarettes and I have more energy. Thank you vape gods for helping me give up cigarettes.




I smoked 2 packs a day for over 40 years. I tried everything to quite, all the pharmaceutical, homeopathic, and cold turkey methods out there. Nothing worked. Then I found vaping. I have not had so much as 1 cigarette in almost 3 years. Vaping saves lives. There is no ambiguity.




I started smoking when i was 13 stealing cigarettes from my parents, I smoked for years, mostly at parties because media made me believe it was the only way I could fit in. Then as I got older smoking was the only way to get breaks so my addiction got stronger. then in college I found vaping. It didn’t leave me smelling awful I could taste again and my life didn’t revolve around when my next cigarette would be. then I found building with vaping and the more hands on side and i found a true hobby. I have now been smoke free for 9 years

Luc Martial



Why does the media keep missing the real story here? And why does the industry keep “applauding” the government? Government is not your friend – especially Health Canada (I used to work in their tobacco control program). The “youth vaping epidemic” did not exist in Canada prior to 2018. It was then that Health Canada decided to allow legal entry of not only nicotine but of extremely high concentrations of nicotine in vaping products into Canada (65mg/mL or 6%) – coinciding with the entry of JUUL (59 mg/mL or 5%). Prior to this time and interesting coincidence, Canadian smokers trying to quit were more than satisfied with the domestic products which contained between 0% and 1.6% nicotine (well below the 20mg/mL they are now proposing as a cap). If kids in Canada are now hooked on nicotine, through vaping, it is entirely Health Canada’s doing – and provincial governments, parents and the kids themselves should considered legal action against the federal government for the harm caused. What Health Canada did back in June of 2018 was intentional and they were fully aware of what these high concentration nicotine products would do to Canadian kids – as the U.S. experience with these products and kids was already quite well known. Now Health Canada wants people to forget their culpability in all of this while promoting itself as the saviors of the kids they addicted and victimized. If the flavours in these products are, according to Health Canada, what clearly draws kids to vaping products and that the nicotine is what addicts them – then why not simply keep allowing all of these flavours but only in 0% nicotine vaping products? Use the same flavours to incentivize these kids away from the nicotine. But such a government strategy would miss the necessary political mark as targeting “flavours” is largely meant to shift the blame away from nicotine – and especially the high concentrations of nicotine that Health Canada mysteriously chose to legally allow in this country back in 2018 (and which is what caused the youth epidemic in the first place). Just thought I would share my reaction to all of these recent media stories on what Health Canada is doing. I sincerely wish you well in your efforts to protect your individual rights and freedoms.

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