Our Ask of Health Canada at COP10



I am writing with regards to Health Canada’s upcoming participation in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control’s COP10 in November in Panama.

I am most concerned with the lack of representation of people who vape at the COP as well as ensuring that accurate information on the role of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction tool is delivered.

In 1986, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was introduced and has since served as a fundamental framework guiding health promotion initiatives worldwide. However, it needs to be adequately applied to the context of Tobacco Harm Reduction, particularly concerning vaping.

The Ottawa Charter underscores that health is not merely the absence of disease but a holistic state encompassing physical, mental, and social well-being. Furthermore, it acknowledges that health promotion necessitates a collaborative effort involving governments, communities, individuals, and various sectors of society.

With these principles in mind, I respectfully request that Health Canada and its delegation champion the key tenets of the Ottawa Charter to achieve a balanced approach to Vaping Products.

My specific requests are as follows:

  • Advocate for disseminating accurate and balanced information regarding vaping as a tool for adults to quit smoking.
  • Advocate for including individuals with lived experiences in future conferences and discussions related to vaping.
  • Advocate for clarity regarding point 5.3, ensuring that it is unequivocally understood that vaping and tobacco use are not synonymous.

By adhering to the Ottawa Charter’s principles and advocating for these critical points, we can foster a more comprehensive and equitable approach to regulating and understanding vaping products.


Maria Papaioannoy

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