With two simple words, New Brunswick Minister of Health Dorothy Shephard demonstrated a profound lack of empathy and of interest in the health and wellbeing of the smokers and vapers of her province. And, was just plain mean. 

When asked if a ban on flavoured vapour products was in the cards, Ms. Shephard responded: “Damn straight.”

Here’s what she does not realize.

Damn straight, vapour products are less harmful than combustible cigarettes.

Damn straight, vapers use flavours to disassociate themselves from cigarettes.

Damn straight, if a flavour ban is introduced, vapers will return to smoking.

Damn straight, legal and illegal cigarette sales in New Brunswick will increase following a flavour ban just as they did in Nova Scotia and Massachusetts.

Damn straight, a flavour ban will condemn smokers to stay smokers.

Flavours are not the problem when it comes to vaping. Misinformation, ignorance and a profound lack of respect for the health of vapers and smokers is.

The vapers of New Brunswick have a message for Ms. Shephard: “Damn straight, we will be watching what happens after a flavour ban and we will hold you accountable.”